MCM Expo!!

The MCM expo is an event held twice a year at the Excel in London once in May and once in October.

Comic Con (Comics Convention) started many years ago, the most notable was in San Diego, USA in 1970. The show is now a four day event attracting over 125,000 people and extensive press coverage.

There are a huge number of these conventions now held around the world in almost every major market.

London MCM Expo is London’s Comic Con with 50,000 plus people per show and is a showcase of cult entertainment and popular culture from various segments of the entertainment industry including but not restricted to Science Fiction or Fantasy Films & TV, Animation, Comic Books, Anime & Manga, Pop Art, Collectable’s (Action Figures, Autographs etc.) & Merchandising.

The events have also become the launching pad for almost all major genre films with previews and fan forums. Visitors are extremely active online and generate huge volumes of social media exposure and buzz.

Taking part in live events is a proven way to build brand awareness and reach consumers via complimentary marketing activities but more importantly it is a way of associating your brand or product through consumer perception and experiences. The shows are a sure fire why to influence a huge number of people via their social network groups.

We believe you will find MCM Expo an exciting opportunity for your brand and products. Please request the sponsorship and exhibitor packages for the London MCM Expo hosted twice a year at London’s biggest venue EXCEL.

MCM Expo is a tried and tested formula that is successful around the world and hits a receptive audience that wants to know about what you have to say or show them.

In today’s world of information overload it is difficult to position a brand or product in a cluttered market place and nothing builds a consumer relationship faster than live direct communication. By taking part with London MCM Expo you can achieve this with minimal impact on your time or resources!

The cult entertainment genre crosses demographic and national boundaries – MCM Expo has the all important mix of female and male consumers.

You can communicate with or sell directly to this audience at one interactive and exciting event.

This was taken from the website:

During the May 2010 Expo me and a few friends decided to make a video to document our time there, it was then posted on youtube and the link to it is:

We did the same thing for the October 2010 Expo and the May 2011 Expo, those links are:

link 1 Oct 2010:

link 2 may 2011:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are a few pictures that I have taken myself during my visits to the London MCM expo.


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