Dissertation Timeline/structure

This link is a link to my timeline/structure, this is what I will stick to while writing this dissertation, please feel free to take a look.


Below I also have my presentation notes that were made at the start of the dissertation process.

The question that I want to answer with my research project is; what makes Japanese animation so great?

Other questions that I want to answer are;

  • How Japanese animation was formed?
  • What makes it different to other forms of animation?
  • How has Japanese animation had such a boom in the west since its introduction to the west in the 1980s?

What has motivated me to do this research is my love of animation, Japanese animation to be specific. Growing up I watched animations like any other kid but when pokemon, yu gi oh and dragonball appeared, like most people I know, they just took over and other animations just became memories. Since this time I have been interested in animation and would like to further my knowledge into the world of animation. As a designer this is important to me because my love for manga and anime in my opinion influences all of my designs, even if it relates to just Japanese design as a whole and I produce something contemporary and minimalistic.

Most of my information will be from books, websites and asking other people that are interested in the subject as well as my own opinions.

What makes Japanese animation stand out in so many people’s eyes compared to other types of animation? To answer this question I am going to go to the MCM expo in London’s Excel centre which is on in October from the 28th to the 30th. There I will find many animation enthusiasts, both fans and artists themselves, here I will talk to a few people and see what style of animation stands out to them. Then I will go deeper and find out why they like that style of animation better than others, I will gather the information to support my theory of Japanese animation standing out in the majority of animation lovers eyes.

My aim for this term is to try and do 1000  words a week and spend at least an hour a day reading and researching my topic, I’ll also spend roughly 3 hours a week watching anime and researching in detail the most popular anime shows.


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