About Me

I’m a third year Graphic Design student about to start my dissertation, this blog will be updated throughout the process of my dissertation. My love of Japan will be influencing my dissertation, I hope you enjoy my blog.

The reasons why I chose Japanese animation as the subject for my dissertation is because of the love I have for it. The first time I saw Japanese animation was when I was in secondary school and the anime that I saw was DragonBall Z which had been edited for western release.  After I discovered that DragonBall Z was made in Japan I started to look into Japanese animation and just fell in love with it.

It was from this that my love for Japanese culture as well as the Japanese way of life came from, since then I have watched many Japanese language lessons and tried to teach myself, as well as going to a Japanese language class and earning a beginners level certificate in Japanese. My plan since starting college was to one day go to Japan and possibly find a job in a Japanese animation studio, making this dissertation invaluable in terms of the things that I learnt, the past of Japanese animation and the history of Japan in general.

During this time, the third year of university I have made a timetable to keep myself on top of the workload and to aid my time management, the timetable is below.



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