Basics of Manga

Manga usually follows the traditional style found in Japan. Japanese Manga is to be read from the right side to the left, opposite if the traditional American books. Not only do you read the pages from right to left, but you also read the panels and text from right to left.
There have been attempts to make Manga published in America to look and read like traditional American books, but many artists have opposed this. The fans of Manga have also been a part of making sure that many Manga produced in America today is in the traditional Japanese style. Manga is generally published in a much different format than American comics. Manga is usually much smaller and collected in small volumes. They appear like small books, closer in appearance to the Archie Digests. In Japan, Manga is first published in Manga magazines that collect different stories. if certain ones get really popular, then the stories are collected and published in a new volume. many times, the manga has a large amount of work already published, as in the case of the popular Naruto, which has just begun to make a splash here in America.

This text taken from the website, <> gives a little insight into the manga format that I have decided to print my dissertation in.  


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