Tutorial feedback 18/11/11 with Dr Mark Ingham

My main concern with this tutorial session was to see if I could edit my images to go along with the theme that I want to make my dissertation in. The design that I have been thinking of is a manga design, so the images being mangafied if you will, would be a necessity. The feedback I got about this is that as long as I tell the reader what I’m doing with the images then it’s fine so possibly starting with “all the images in this dissertation have been edited to go along with the manga design.”.

Another thing that was discussed was the start of the dissertation. Starting off with answering the question that I am trying to answer myself is a good technique because when it comes to the conclusion I could refer back to what I thought at the beginning of my dissertation.

The conclusion should be constructed like this; What I thought, Now I realise, What’s interesting. Basically I need to explain the journey that I took during my dissertation through my eyes and make it clear how I have changed.


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