1st Tutorial

After the first dissertation tutorial today everything has been put in perspective for me, from the notes that I’ve made it’s clear that my dissertation has to be from 5000 to 10,000 words long and must have a specific purpose. The question as it stands has to be going in the right direction but during the course of me writing my dissertation it can and will most likely be changed.

A few questions that came up during this tutorial are; Why am I looking at this subject? What is it that I’m really trying to find out? What makes Japanese animation so unique?

Also there’s alot more that I should look into to discover what makes Japanese animation so unique, they are things like; Japanese politics, Japanese issues, Japanese culture, Japanese morals, Japanese folktales etc.

I’ve been clued in on a woman called Helen Mccarthy who has written a few interesting books on japanese animation and also the work of studio ghibli, these I will look into and see what I can find.


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