Final Major Project design Blog

This blog is where I will place my thoughts and ideas, research and experimentations. My FMP is something that seems to be really difficult for me so hopefully getting everything down here will be a big help in my thought process.

The previous work that I have done for the FMP I realise now doesn’t have much in terms of me truly exploring and experimenting to create something totally unique. 

This time around I will not think too much about the end game and rather focus more on exploring and experimenting, in order to achieve something that will represent my design style and just me in general.


Basics of Manga

Manga usually follows the traditional style found in Japan. Japanese Manga is to be read from the right side to the left, opposite if the traditional American books. Not only do you read the pages from right to left, but you also read the panels and text from right to left.
There have been attempts to make Manga published in America to look and read like traditional American books, but many artists have opposed this. The fans of Manga have also been a part of making sure that many Manga produced in America today is in the traditional Japanese style. Manga is generally published in a much different format than American comics. Manga is usually much smaller and collected in small volumes. They appear like small books, closer in appearance to the Archie Digests. In Japan, Manga is first published in Manga magazines that collect different stories. if certain ones get really popular, then the stories are collected and published in a new volume. many times, the manga has a large amount of work already published, as in the case of the popular Naruto, which has just begun to make a splash here in America.

This text taken from the website, <> gives a little insight into the manga format that I have decided to print my dissertation in.  

Dissertation draft hand in

This is the content that is needed for the dissertation draft hand in today, the next stage is starting the design process for the dissertation.
Feedback will be given and little changes are bound to be made to the dissertation but as of now the writing stage of the dissertation should be over.

design ideas

My dissertations design is something that I think considering the nature of my dissertation could be used to express my personal interest in the subject matter, also at the same time it would almost visually portray Japanese animation and some of the techniques that set it aside and make it so different to other forms of animation.

Tutorial 2/12/11 – The Design of The Dissertation

  • Think about the front cover, how will the visual of the dissertation portray the content?
  • Besides the dissertation itself, are there any little extras that it’ll come with; separate little book, poster, little collectables?
  • Will the dissertation be in a box?
  • Don’t be limited by what I can do…….ask for help from people that can do things that I can’t.
  • THINK LIKE A BOOK DESIGNER…..what makes a book stand out to me? what makes me buy a book besides the content?

Tutorial 25/11/11

Important things to remember

  •      Illustrations are labelled throughout (figure 1) etc.
  •      If I’m looking at someone and I want to show more of their work then I can put in the text (see appendix A) and then have the image I was talking about in the Index labelled Appendix A.
  •      Intro and conclusion should be more than 1 page but no more than 2 1/2 pages.
  •      Every source goes in the bibliography, regardless to if they were referenced or not.

Full draft hand in is on the 9th of December.

Final hand in date is the 10th of January.

Next week bring sketches of any ideas design wise for the dissertation.

During this tutorial I told my tutor about my manga idea for the design of my dissertation and said that I’d have to research into what paper is used and how to get some and also where the best possible place would be to print this. Then after some discussion a few other things came up for example, a narrative. Will my dissertation have a narrative as manga are stories so, will there be a main character talking throughout the dissertation? how will the text work with images since that is essentially what mangas are, text working with images etc. questions like these were brought up.

The session helped me think more critically about my design choice, would I have the time to individually make the panels for the text to be in as in manga they are usually all different. After all of the questions that arose were made clear I decided that I will still push forward with the manga design idea as I think it is relevant and will be aesthetically pleasing and interesting. Also giving me invaluable experience in the printing process of manga.

Helen Mccarthy

For a while now I’ve been looking into the works of Helen Mccarthy, it became clear to me as soon as I was pointed in here direction from my tutor that she’d be referenced in some way in my dissertation. Looking through her blog I came across a list of her published works. After looking and reading a little about them all I decided to buy her book The art of Osamu Tezuka god of manga, this will give me a deeper insight into the man who is considered to be the god of manga as the title states.